An international firm, dedicated to creating eco-friendly substitutes for plastic, faced a significant risk of data breaches. The threat stemmed from the potential misuse of USB drives and personal OneDrive accounts on company devices, leading to possible cross-contamination of corporate data. This situation raised serious concerns about violations of GDPR security protocols.


The client sought to limit the use of USB drives on company devices and prevent the syncing of personal OneDrive accounts on these devices to safeguard their data.


  1. Transitioned user licenses from Business Standard to Business Premium.
  2. Implemented configuration profile policies via Microsoft Intune to curtail the use of USB devices and block the syncing of personal OneDrive accounts.
  3. Additionally, a compliance policy was established to mandate encryption for data storage on devices.
  4. Instituted a conditional access policy to restrict access to cloud applications (including OneDrive) exclusively to compliant devices.
  5. Enforced these policies across all users.


The implemented measures effectively barred users from utilising USB drives or personal OneDrive accounts on company devices. Furthermore, access to OneDrive and other cloud applications now requires encrypted data storage on company devices, thereby enhancing data security. This strategic approach has significantly mitigated the risk of data breaches, ensuring a safer digital environment for the company.