The client, prior to our intervention, was grappling with significant collaboration and security issues. The lack of a centralised file sharing and management system led to inefficiencies and frustration among employees. Furthermore, the absence of adequate access control measures posed substantial risks, including unauthorised access and potential data breaches. The limitations imposed by non-domain joined PCs further compounded these problems, hindering the organisation’s ability to adapt to modern, agile work practices.


The client needed a comprehensive and secure solution to address these challenges. The goal was to streamline collaboration, enhance security, and facilitate flexible working arrangements.


We initiated the process by domain joining all PCs to Microsoft Azure, facilitating seamless hot-desking and improving overall IT management.
We created new SharePoint site document libraries tailored for each department. By assigning relevant individuals as owners and/or members, we meticulously restricted file access according to departmental needs.
To further enhance security, we implemented quarterly automated Privileged Identity Management (PIM) reviews for roles with administrative rights and conducted six-monthly access reviews for guest user accounts.


The implementation of these measures has led to overwhelmingly positive outcomes. Users now collaborate effortlessly on documents, and management can rest assured that access controls are robust and align with best security practices. The regular reviews of privileged roles and guest access have significantly improved the client’s security posture. Additional benefits include improved employee satisfaction and productivity, fostering a culture of trust and reliability within the organisation